Posted on January 3, 2021

Senior Product Manager

Foundant Technologies

  • Job type: Full-time
  • Hiring From: US only
  • Salary:
  • Category: Product,Software Development
  • Product Management


In this role, you will serve as a mentor to a newer group of product management team members who are eager to learn and evolve a two-year old department. The person in this role will help define what the future vision of Product Management and delivering value at Foundant look like. As a Senior Product Manager at Foundant, your role will be made up of many aspects. First and foremost is delivering value to our customers (internal and external) by defining, prioritizing and communicating the features, enhancements, upgrades and new products to be released. Youll need to understand our users and customers by measuring product usage, reviewing customer feedback and doing continual market research. Internally you will be an advocate for the product in cross-departmental meetings, representing and communicating the roadmap and product strategy. Your role will be required to travel (post covid) and evangelize for Foundant and our products. Finally, you will be a team player across the company, helping teams solve problems and find solutions to prevent these problems in the future. 

DAY IN THE LIFE As a Senior Product Manager, your day may look like this: 

– First thing, scan emails that came in overnight, or you didnt get to yet, prioritizing and responding. 

– Morning meetings (standups, backlog grooming, retrospectives, crossdepartmental…etc.) 

– One of the Alpha clients asked a question on our community forum. You jump in to answer and gather details to communicate to the team. 

– You attend the weekly iteration meeting where the product team presents and discusses whats coming in the next iteration, in order to proactively communicate to the company. 

– You lead an event storming session with engineers on a migration tool for the new product. 

– A product team member has questions about planning a new feature. You help them break it down into stories for the engineers to groom.

– Marketing has a question about the Aplha and Beta timeline for our new product and what’s involved. You jump on a call to answer questions and keep them moving. 

– You round out the day with other team members by discussing what were seeing in user metrics so we can communicate with the company the following week. 


Develop and implement product strategies consistent with company vision 

Work with engineering and product to ensure high standards of reliability, quality, usability and measurements throughout each phase of product development 

Work with engineering and product to ensure our products meet standards such as, but not limited to: Security, Accessibility and Localization. 

Collect and analyze feedback from customers, stakeholders and other teams to shape requirements, features and end product 

Work with senior management, clients and cross-functionally to create product plans and roadmaps 

Coach product team members and help coordinate cross-functional teams 

Produce and review product requirement documentation 

Product Manager of our new product slated to launch in mid 2021 

Ensure products and releases are launched correctly and on schedule 

In the future, work with a design team to produce prototypes as needed 

Make creative recommendations to expand product base and vision 

Develop KPIs to measure product effectiveness and issues 

Develop ways to track product usage to ensure were hitting KPIs 

Work with other departments to define, measure and plan based on company wide KPIs 


Previous working experience as a Product Manager (3 Years) 

Previous working experience as a Senior Product Manager (2 years) 

Proven ability to work with team members across departments, with a focus on meeting organization goals 

Exceptional customer satisfaction driven approach 

Outstanding communication and presentation skills 

Excellent organizational and time management skills 

Sharp analytical and problem-solving skills 

Attention to details 

Experience in product lifecycle management 

Familiarity with Agile framework 

Creative thinking skills 


In-depth knowledge of Agile process and principles

In-depth knowledge of nonprofits (e.g. accounting, fundraising, grant management, CRM needs, volunteer management, key stakeholder needs)

ABOUT FOUNDANT: Founded in 2007, Foundant Technologies focuses on maximizing the impact of the philanthropic community by providing SaaS solutions to grantmakers, grantseekers, and community foundations. We have been ranked on Outside Magazines list of the 100 Best Places to Work for four consecutive years (2014 2019) while also climbing the ranks of the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing privately held companies. Delivering a great customer experience is a top priority at Foundant which means hiring customer-focused team members is critical to our companys and our customers success.

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